Can a Bit of Technology Called LENA Help Young Brains Develop Language?

“There’s a new student at Bright Beginnings, a preschool in Southeast Washington. She’s called LENA, and while she doesn’t say much, she’s very attentive. “LENA isn’t a person. It’s a machine, a little gadget smaller than a cellphone that students wear in a pouch in a smo...
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At Bright Beginnings, Kids Who Have Special Needs Get Special Help

“The goal at the Bright Beginnings preschool in Southeast Washington is a simple one: to ensure every child who attends is ready for kindergarten by the time he or she leaves. Sometimes, there are challenges along the way. “The main challenge is at the core of why Bright Beginnings w...
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Bright Beginnings

“For nearly 30 years, Bright Beginnings has sought to provide a safe, nurturing space for homeless children in our nation’s capitol. The center serves children from birth to five years old, preparing them for kindergarten and working with parents to transition families out of homelessne...
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