From homeless to valedictorian, Georgetown grad helps others beat the odds with education

“Rashema Melson beat overwhelming odds to get where she is today. The 23-year-old recently graduated college, has her own place in Washington, D.C. and is studying for law school. She works at an education center for kids and parents experiencing homelessness. But not long ago, she was in their shoes.

“For years, beginning when Rashema was 11 years old, her family did not have stable housing. They moved from house to house, living on couches, in abandoned homes and in shelters. Rashema attended more than seven elementary schools.

“Other traumatic factors also contributed to a tumultuous childhood for Rashema. Her father was murdered when she was young, leaving her mother on her own. Her family also experienced domestic violence and food insecurities, sometimes eating food out of a can.” Read more.