For this Bright Beginnings father and son, school and work life intertwine

Last April, Antoine Robinson was hired as a maintenance man at the Bright Beginnings preschool in Southeast Washington.

The way Robinson does his job makes a lot of people happy, but there’s one person, in particular, he’s eager to impress: his 3-year-old son, Amir, a student at the school.  “It’s just a feeling I get when I walk in the classroom, even though I’m only cleaning the bathroom and taking the trash out,” he said. “He sees me doing it. And even though he’s only 3, I know he understands that I’m working. He sees me in the building. I’m always here. So that was a good thing for me.”

Bright Beginnings helps children growing up in families experiencing homelessness. It helps the parents, too. I first wrote about Robinson last year. He’s a single parent and was becoming active in a new Bright Beginnings program that brings dads together every Monday to discuss the challenges of fatherhood. Read more here.